1. Mosquitoes caught in webs

2. Spider spreading its body and disguised in a tree

3. Live fireflies even after being eaten by frogs

4. Xylaria hypoxylon that looks like a dead man's hand

5. Seaweeds come together in the waves

6. Blowfish remaining only in bone

7. When the flower grows, it becomes a skull shape, Snapdragon called skeleton flower

8. One day, the sky in Rome

9. Toilet seat after being submerged in flood

10. The frog, who thought he was dead, survived when he got water.

11. The plant has roots in the skeleton.

12. Scallops eyes and teeth

13. Hammerhead bat

14. Be careful when going to the bathroom in Australia.

15. Sea anemone mushroom resembling alien

16. Small-hand-like plant

17. The Black Sea Swallows, who died after eating a hairtail four times bigger than themselves,